The Minnesota Vikings lost Sunday to the Carolina Panthers 31-24. Sorry, it's my fault.

I was sitting in my recliner in the basement watching the game. The Panthers went up 7-0. I went upstairs to eat lunch and watched the game on the TV in the living room while sitting on the couch. Kyle Rudolph caught a touchdown pass.

I returned to my recliner in the basement. Carolina took the lead and held it until the fourth quarter.

Halfway through the fourth quarter, after making some popcorn upstairs, I came downstairs to my son sitting in the recliner. I sat on the couch. Two plays later Adam Thielen caught a touchdown pass to pull within three points. Shortly after that Andrew Sendejo picked off a pass. Skol!

I realized my son went upstairs so I reclaimed my spot on in the recliner. The Vikings offense blew to the possession and had to settle for a field goal. A few plays later, while I was sitting in the recliner, Cam Newton took off for a long run that set up the game winning touchdown.

The talking heads will talk about how bad the Vikings played today, and the did play bad. But they were only playing bad when I was sitting in my recliner. When I was sitting on the couch, either in the basement or in the living room, things went well. Clearly it was my fault. Sorry, Vikings fans. Skol!

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