I'm sure you have to do little more than look out the window today to see that we are picking up a little snow in Sioux Falls. The morning commute was tricky in a few places but most people were able to make it to work and school this morning.

Earlier today there was a report of a truck jackknifed on Highway 12 near Summit but that was before sunrise.

Snow started falling in Sioux Falls with a brief burst around 9:00 AM. For now, it's tapered off, and left things, well, sloppy. The National Weather Service is saying we could get a shot of rain, that will come around 4:00 PM as you get ready to head home today.

Just a reminder to add a little time today if you're headed out to lunch or for your ride home this afternoon. Wipe your car or pickup off before you take off and drive safe.

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