Sion Lidster is an incredible writer, with a heart for helping other writers get their works published and putting together open mic events.

I asked Sion a few questions about his style, and new book.

What’s the newest book of poems titled?

Sion: The new book is called ‘Sixth Extinction Blues’…because, you have to laugh!

Where can people pick up a copy?

Sion: Right now it’s available through Amazon-and through my poetry readings around town. If you see me feel free to ask me if I have one. I want all poets to carry their books with them at all times, an idea I got from Sioux Falls poet Charles Luden, who I’ll see at a bar at midnight and he’s carrying a plastic bag with two or three of his books in there…it’s a great way for us fans to get a hold of a poets work…

How would you describe this book of poems?

Sion: Fool poetry for us sinners. Of all my books, this is more cemented into a time. There are poems that talk about some of these heightened situations we are living in. There are some calling for unity and there are some for separation. Fragmented. No real answers, just feeling.

Where did you find most of the inspiration for this book?

Sion: Living in America through Welsh eyes in 2017/2018. I was moved by Standing Rock, Trump, the idea of home (immigration-mine and others)…there’s something about the help within the helplessness, choice within chaos…it’s a smaller book, it’ll fir in your back pocket, so you can escape when your trapped!

Who are your influences?

Sion: My main influences come from bohemian sources of all kinds... the beats, the pranksters, the situationists, dadaism, surrealism... anyone person or group who seek an experience based on their own instincts and wants, rather than that delivered... today I am especially influenced by Kenneth Patchen, Diane DiPrima, D. A. Levy... modern day there's PW Covington and a terrific Welsh poet, Natalie Ann Hollborrow.

What advice do you have for someone who believes they have a book inside them?

Sion: I guess something that's on my mind right now is whether a poet distances themselves from situations in order to write about them... and to what end... so an aspiring writer might want to think about how they want to look at their world, are they immersed or observant? Both are crucial, but recognizing and analyzing your viewpoint might develop your style... after that, it's all cathartic...

How many books of your own work have you published?

Sion: This is my fourth book I’ve published. I have one more, ‘Fix Spelled Red’, my ‘punk’ poems about ready to go. After that, I’m not sure. There’s talk of making a movie through the winter. There’s always the novel!

Sion is also the owner of The Full Circle Book Co-op along with Jason Kurtz.

Spend a couple minutes in conversation with Jason Kurtz or Sion Lidster and you will find their passion for the written, and spoken word is contagious.

They will also more than likely get you fired up about their dream of making a space in the local community to get together and share in the art of words.

Jason and Sion are the owners of The Full Circle Book Co-op, and have announced some big news for the local art scene.

If you have been to one of the South Dakota Writes or The Blot Collective events, you have probably heard of The Full Circle book Co-op dream.

A creative hub and bookstore where people can shop, eat, drink, learn, create and experience the creative community.

The Full Circle Book Co-op shared this week that their dream for a permanent Sioux Falls location is about to become real.

You can be a part of supporting The Full Circle Book Co-op dream and making it a reality for the community.

There is always something refreshing and inspiring about people who share, and chase their dreams.

I am especially encouraged by people whose dreams benefit others, and there is no doubt that The Full Circle Book Co-op will benefit the community.

To watch Sion and Jason talk about the book store, and event details or to contribute to the Kick starter cause watch this video.

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