It may not come as a surprise that Chuck Brennan is continuing to announce the closing of more and more of his business endeavors in Sioux Falls. This includes his Brennan Rock & Roll Academy, a non-profit designed to provide free music lessons for children in the community.

However, after a Sioux Falls woman heard the academy will be closing its doors on December 23, she has decided to take it upon herself to keep the business up and running.

Teri Katzenberger, a fitness and lifestyle professional, says on her Facebook page that she spoke with the owner and founder himself to exclaim her plans of buying him out.

According to her website,, Katzenberger proclaims she has no patience to wait another day when it comes to the fate of the academy. She has set up a donations page online, where she hopes to raise enough money from members of the community to reopen the Rock and Roll Academy under new ownership, a month after it closes on the 23rd.

Katzenberger has not yet released the full amount it will take to reopen the business's doors. She mentions on her site that she will 'take this process & transition with grace & professionalism.'

On Saturday she shared this message on her Facebook page, which has gained over 110 shares:

Teri Thompson Katzenberger, Facebook
Teri Thompson Katzenberger, Facebook
 Do you support the Rock & Roll Academy if it will be under new ownership?
Source: Facebook: Teri Thompson Katzenberger, for donations

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