Denise Patton of the Sioux Falls Health Department says this week's winds have prevented crews from mosquito spraying!

"We know that there are a ton of mosquitoes out there and we're doing everything we can ---but the weather hasn't really helped us.  It's been far too windy for us to do a very effective job in spraying the last couple of nights.".

Patton says so far---no mosquitoes in Sioux Falls have tested positive for West Nile Virus.

"We test all of the mosquitoes that are highest in probable factors of West Nile Virus and we have not had any positives come back.  I know there was one in the state.  But, we haven't had any here.  The majority of the mosquitoes we are still seeing in our traps are the ones that just bite heavily but don't carry the virus well."

In light of the upcoming July 4th holiday, Patton urges residents to take steps in avoiding being bitten.

"People are going to be outside enjoying the days.  We absolutely encourage them to put some sort of insect repellant on if they're going to be outdoors.  They also should minimize their exposure from dawn to dusk."

Patton is hoping mosquito spraying can resume on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

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