A second South Dakotan has died in what state health officials say is one of the most serious West Nile Season in years. A Tripp County resident in their 80s recently succumbed to the disease.

According to state epidemiologist Dr. Lon Kightlinger, the good news is that fewer people are contracting the mosquito-borne virus. those who are are sicker than patients in previous years. The fact given by the South Dakota Department of Health says that 62 percent of those infected with West Nile have been hospitalized because of their symptoms. That's more than twice the rate in an average year.

The first death from West Nile was someone from Turner County in August who was in the 70-79 age bracket. The Department of Health also reccomends people should continue to keep vigilant about the disease. Those who are at high risk for WNV are people over 50, pregnant women, transplant patients, individuals with diabetes or high blood pressure, and those with a history of alcohol abuse. People with severe or unusual headaches should see their physicians.

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