A robber was caught on camera in Sioux Falls helping themselves to cash but not a Cold Cut Combo.

An unidentified thief gained entry to the Subway restaurant near 10th Street and Cliff Avenue at around 3:00 am on early Monday morning. Surveillance video showed the suspect apparently had a key to get in and knew the lay of the land inside the store.

While there is not yet any direct evidence that the robber worked at the store, it has happened before. About a year ago, a 22 year-old woman in Las Cruces, New Mexico was arrested after she robbed the Subway restaurant where she worked. What was crazy was that she didn't do it for the easy and illegal financial gain, but to teach her coworkers a lesson on what terrible things could happen in the part of town in which they worked.

I am quite sure I will never commit a robbery of any kind. But if I was robbing a Subway, I would have a really hard time only stealing money. I don't know if they would have any fresh baked buns available at 3:00 in the morning, but I would certainly hit the fridge for some turkey, salami, and pepper jack, some onion, black pepper and mayo on hand.

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