In a message to parents Thursday, the Sioux Falls School District asked that families discuss some safety reminders. In light of recent tragedies, the District wants parents to know that their commitment to the safety of students requires everybody's help.

They ask that school district families take the time to talk about the idea of "See Something, Say Something." If a student sees or hears anything that causes a concern, the should contact the school administrator or a school resource officer immediately. This approach lets officials get ahead of potential issues and maintain safety for all.

The District also asks that parents remind students that " [t]he joking of any violence against others is not a joke and could result in significant consequences." Especially online. Parents are asked to keep an eye on students social media, and teach then that a lapse of judgement could result in significant school and/or law enforcement consequences.

School officials also ask that parents reinforce that children should never accept a ride from a stranger and to always tell a trusted adult if they are ever approached by an unknown person who wants to give them a ride.

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