Let's face it, we all know South Dakota is a resilient state, and the city of Sioux Falls has proven time and time again that it can take a licking and keep on ticking as well.

That statement was backed up yet again, thanks to a recent story published by Wallethub that talks about Sioux Falls ability to get people back to work since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The country as a whole is attempting to crawl out from underneath the chaotic mess that COVID-19 brought about back in March of 2020. According to Wallethub, on a national scale, the U.S. picked up another 235,000 jobs in August. The unemployment rate in the nation right now sits at 5.2%. That's a pretty significant turnaround since the 14.8% unemployment rate at the beginning of the pandemic.

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As a state, Wallethub says South Dakota has done the fourth best job of any state in the nation at recovering jobs since the start of the COVID crisis.

So what about the city of Sioux Falls in particular? As expected, we are showing the rest of the nation how to get it done. At last check, Sioux Falls ranked as the ninth-best city in the country in terms of putting people back to work the fastest. Our unemployment rate in the city currently stands at 2.5%.

In general, the unemployment rate in Sioux Falls was relatively low throughout the worst period of the pandemic. That's a real testament to the strength of the Sioux Falls economy.

Our friends out west in Rapid City have a lot to be proud of as well. Rapid's current unemployment rate is sitting at 2.9%. That puts them at number 15 in the nation in lowest unemployment claims.

If you're wondering who is leading the charge when it comes to getting people back in the workforce, look no further than a city that is 236 miles to our south. Lincoln, Nebraska currently holds the title in the nation. They rank #1 right now in the U.S. with an unemployment rate of 1.7%.

By the way, the gang at Wallethub came up with these findings by using data given to them by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Source: Wallethub

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