With the public schools opening Tuesday, the Sioux Falls Police Department has this message for motorists!

“Enforcement presence will always be at schools throughout the year but we are bringing in more officers as the school year begins. We want to make sure everybody get the habit of being in school zones again," said Lt. Jeff Garden.

"All summer we have been driving through school zones as normal traffic and not having children going to and from school zones. It’s important during the month of September that we get that extra attention brought to those areas."

Garden reminds drivers what they should not be doing in school zones.

“Do not double park to drop off kids. It’s dangerous and holds up traffic. Make sure to plan ahead when dropping off kids. Don’t speed or drive recklessly. Work together with other drivers, buses and pedestrians around schools and everything will go smoother and quicker. Make sure to listen to the crossing guards. Beware of young children crossing the street. If you’re transporting children in a car make sure they are buckled up. As a driver you are responsible for any minors in your vehicle.”

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