If someone is tailgating you, here's what Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens suggests you do.

"Slow down and actually pull off to the side of the road. If someone is in that great of a hurry, letting them go past you is probably the ideal thing. It's going to take time out of your destination. But it's probably a safer option."

Clemens says tailgating can turn into road rage!

"Some of them start as simple as the driver doesn't think the person in front of them is driving fast enough. That leads to all kinds of problems. What we really see escalate is when people continue that behavior. You start to pump your brakes at a tailgater. Maybe, the driver would give the other driver a gesture out the window. That just leads to more problems. If you have somebody that is tailgating you just pull over to the side of the road, let them pass so you can get back on the road and go on your way."

If you are not driving faster than most of the cars around you, Clemens suggests you stay in the right lane.

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