A Sioux Falls man had some crazy luck after being shot in what police describe as a road rage incent that turned into an aggravated assault.

A Sioux Falls Police say a 59-year-old man was waiting at the stoplight at the intersection of 6th Street and West Avenue between 6 am and 7 am on Monday morning. Police say a black SUV pulled up in the left turn lane next to the victim's vehicle. The suspect in the black SUV was somehow upset with the victim and yelled something at him.

Police say the suspect then pulled out a firearm, reached across the passenger side of his SUV, and fired a single shot at the driver's door of the victim's vehicle. The bullet went through the driver's door and amazingly struck a cell phone in the victim's coat pocket.

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The bullet caused the cell phone's battery to catch fire. The victim sustained only minor bruising from the shot. Police say the phone stopped the bullet from causing serious or fatal injury to the victim.

Police describe the suspect as a black male around 25 years old. Police say there was a passenger in the SUV described as a white woman around 25 years old.

Police say the victim and suspect were not known to each other and there is no clear reason as to what events led to the incident.

Police are reviewing surveillance videos from the area. If anyone has information on this shooting, they are asked to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 605-367-7007 or online by clicking here.



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