Sioux Falls Police found a naked man hitting a woman driver in her vehicle Saturday evening in the west part of Sioux Falls.

"He actually pulled some windshield wipers off of a car. He was yelling and screaming. The caller to 911 then saw him get into another car. There were some people inside," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens."

Around that same time, officers arrived on scene and found the suspect inside the vehicle. It turns out he just opened up the car door, climbed in, and punched the driver. He was trying to bite her arm but wasn't successful. The officers were able to pull him out before he did any serious harm to her."

Clemens says it appears 20-year-old Joshua Newcomb of Sioux Falls was under the influence of drugs.

"We believe the guy had taken some LSD which probably led to him running around naked and causing all these problems. He was initially taken to the hospital and was cleared medically there. He was arrested on several different charges."

Among the charges: disorderly conduct, intentional damage, tampering with a motor vehicle, public indecency, and ingesting a controlled substance.

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