An incident happened at a Minnesota hotel that involves racial slurs, a hand gun, and a wizard wand.

According to Fox 9, the incident happened at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Bloomington (7800 International Drive). A 29 year-old man from Woodbury has been charged with fifth-degree assault and trespassing.

A hotel employee recognized the man as soon as he walked in due to previously trespassing from the hotel back in November. The man has been prohibited from entering the hotel and the hotel’s parking lot. When asked to leave, the man began arguing and called the employee racial slurs.

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After several more attempts of asking the man to leave, he did and the employee followed. The employee was a few feet behind the man when the man pulled out his "wizard wand". The employee thought it was a 12-inch knife, and pulled out their handgun (which they have a conceal and carry for) and pointed it at the man.

The man then turned around and kicked a garbage can. The employee called 911 and the man then turned back around and pointed his wand at the employee again. The employee than began kicking the man a "couple of times" before the man fled.

When the police arrived, the man admitted to having a "wand" on him. The man used a stick that he fashioned to look like a wizard's wand. The complaint said the wand is about 16 inches long and has a "hard, pointed metal part at the end" and has a "knife-like appearance". There was a witness that told police the man appeared unfazed when the employee pulled his gun out.

I'm glad everyone that was involved are safe and there were no injuries reported. There also wasn't any other magical items reported and no word if the man called the employee a "muggle".

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