Police were forced to respond to another shots fired call in the middle of the night on Thursday, this time in the central part of Sioux Falls.

Dakota News Now is reporting the latest incident occurred around 1:30 Thursday morning (September 24) on Phillips Avenue near 29th Street.

Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens told Dakota News Now several people phoned in a report of shots being fired in that area. When police arrived at the scene, they found six spent shell casings on the ground. However, there was no one injured, and there was no damage done to any of the property in the area.

This is the second shots fired call in Sioux Falls in the past two days. The first call happened Wednesday morning (September 23) in the southwest part of the city.

According to Dakota News Now, much like Thursday's incident, when police arrived, they again found several shell casings but no damage and no suspects nearby.

As of this time, there have been no arrests made in either case.

The public is being asked to please contact authorities by calling the Crime Stoppers of the Sioux Empire at (605-367-7007) should you have any information that is able to help police in either case.

Source: Dakota News Now

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