In my opinion, winter is the most brutal season we experience here in South Dakota.

The pipes in our house freeze, our windshields are drenched in ice and can seem impossible to chip away at if you leave your car out overnight.

Now, some people might not be surprised that our state made the top 10 states with the worst winters.

But what you might be surprised by is where other states are ranked on this list on Tip Hero's website. I know I was surprised by a few of them at least.

10. Massachusetts

9. Montana

8. Idaho

7. Wisconsin

6. South Dakota

5. Maine

4. North Dakota

3. Alaska

2. Michigan

1. Minnesota

Alaska I was surprised by.  On TV the state appears to be just whiteout conditions constantly with unimaginably cold temperatures.

Of course, they do have really beautiful summers but the winters apparently in the state seem to be milder than what the average person may think.

Most of us have been to Minnesota at least in a visit but for them to take the first place in this list was kind of a surprise.

Sure they get the same cold wind chills and blowing snow as we do but Tip Hero states that this is why the 'land of 10,000 lakes' state-ranked in at number one:

"Minnesota gets hit with the worst mix of meteorological downfalls imaginable. Winter weather patterns like Alberta clippers and panhandle hooks are common in Minnesota, bringing almost constant snow that piles well over 200 inches in some regions of the state and makes winter last at least five months" Tip Hero.

Source: Tip Hero

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