A man and woman walked into Bootleggers Casino on 41st Street in Sioux Falls and reportedly left with cash from the register on Tuesday afternoon.

"While the clerk happened to go into a neighboring bar to have help out, the man reached over the counter, opened up the till and grabbed a bunch of cash," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us.

"The two then left and the clerk was able to figure out that there was money missing. He checked the casino's video and found what exactly happened."

Shortly after that, Clemens says the couple went to a Sioux Falls bar.

"We had a couple people who were acting suspicious. It turns out they were the same couple that took the money from the casino. We had officers that found the woman in a business lot nearby. The man was found hiding under a tree. Also under the tree the officers found the suspect buried some of the cash. We recovered a big chunk of it. But we are still missing some."

Clemens says 36-year-old Michael Lebeaux of Sioux Falls was charged with felony theft. The woman was not charged.

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