Ninja is an entertaining sport to watch. Strength, speed, and agility are tested in ways other sports can't. And a young Sioux Falls man will appear on the biggest stage in that sport tonight.

Drew Nester, or "Coach Drew" as my son calls him, will appear on tonight's episode of American Ninja Warrior, airing at 7 pm on NBC.

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Nester trains and coaches at 605 Ninja in Sioux Falls.

Normally tonight, he would have been coaching kids at the gym, but according to his boss and owner of 605 Ninja, Jason Steinberg, he went back home to Iowa to watch it with his family.

"He has been training to be on American Ninja Warrior since he was 16," said Steinberg. "He is a full-time ninja coach and a part-time army medic in the National Guard."

If you've never seen the sport, ninja athletes compete on an extreme obstacle course where they are required to do everything from running up a wall, flying from one platform to another, navigating ledges using only their fingers, and sometimes bringing the monkey bars with them as they swing. If that sounds challenging, it is.

Food Network Shows That Have Been To South Dakota

Living here in the upper midwest we are don't end up on national TV shows very often. That's probably a good thing in the long run.

But it is pretty cool when something from South Dakota is on TV. Three shows from the Food Network family of shows have showcased South Dakota restaurants.

You may remember when Guy Fieri and Diners Drive-ins and Dives was in Sioux Falls in June of 2020 to visit some of our city's unique establishments.

A few years ago the Travel Channel Show Food Paradise visited Deadwood.

If you remember the 'golden age' of Foot Network, back when Rachel Ray was the queen of the channel, she took her show $40 a Day to Rapid City in 2005.

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