When Sioux Falls voters decided to give the okay to building a new high school there wasn't much suspense over what the name of the high school would be. With the three high schools named for presidents on Mount Rushmore, Thomas Jefferson High seemed like a prudent choice. But what will the mascot and colors be?

A student committee from all of the Sioux Falls high schools was put together to pick out the mascot and colors. Their decision was announced on Friday and Thomas Jefferson High School will be the Cavaliers and wear green, black, and gold.

Green and black are the colors of New Tech High, which is going to be housed at Jefferson High School when it opens in 2021.

Ben Reifel Middle School, which will also open in 2021, also had its colors and mascot chosen. They will wear red and yellow and be called the Bison.

The mascot choices will become official once they are approved by the school board.

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