Almost time to rev up the engines and kick up a little dust! Raceway Park in Jefferson, South Dakota is set to kick off the 2014 season in a big way when the track opens for a new season next week.

This year the South Dakota Spring Nationals will be making history! For the first time ever, it will be a two-day event! Track promoter Greg Golden said:

“A lot of tracks do two days and some do a three-day deal and myself, personally, as a racer, I don’t mind two days but I like something different, A lot of tracks run the same five (classes) on Friday night and same five on Saturday night. I always wanted to do a two-day deal but I wanted to switch it up a little bit, and have the second day a little different than the first day.”

General grandstand tickets are $10, children 10 and under and people 70 and over are free. Pit passes are $25.

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