Graduation! It's a special time for both the student who has worked hard and the parents who've supported them.

The pomp and circumstance are about to begin as the Sioux Falls class of 2023 gets ready to graduate. Here's where, when, and how to watch:

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Sioux Falls High School Commencement Dates and Locations 2023:

Sioux Falls public schools graduations are Sunday, May 21, 2023, at the Sioux Falls Arena:

Live Streams for Sioux Falls School District Graduation Ceremonies:

More Sioux Falls Commencement Dates and Locations 2023:

Flashback 1992: Inside Sioux Falls Old Washington High School

The modern marvel that is YouTube never ceases to amaze me. Sure, there's plenty of garbage there, but you can also find some gems.

Like this video from 1992. It's a sort of video time capsule of the old Washington High School in Sioux Falls. If you came to The Queen City in the last couple of decades, you may only know the building downtown as the Washington Pavilion, a center of Sioux Falls arts and culture.

Before it was the Pavilion, the corner of Main Avenue and 11th Street in Sioux Falls was home to many of the city's schools for most of the 20th century.

Built on the site of the former Central School, WHS's first class of 328 students started in 1908. It was the only high school in Sioux Falls until Lincoln High was completed in 1965.

The class of 1992 was the last class of Sioux Falls to graduate from the old Washington High. That fall the new WHS, constructed on N. Sycamore Ave on the east side of the city, took over the name and educational mission.

Check out the shots below for a flashback to 1992.

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