Germany has an image problem that one catchy tune may just fix.

In this video, a group of people lamenting that Germany "stands for nothing anymore in this world" rally behind the pretzel (and laugengebäck -- that's a roll that's been dipped in a lye solution, most commonly to form a pretzel) and come up with a song that is surprisingly catchy.


Go ahead and watch the video. We dare you not to start humming it later in the day when you least expect it.

Like a delicious warm pretzel, it's pretty addicting and have you clamoring for more.

It’s 1989, where is your family going out to eat?

If you are a Sioux Falls 80s Kid, you probably spent many nights cruising the loop, browning the records at Musicland, and going out to eat at one of these gone but not forgotten Sioux Falls institutions.

On social media, we asked you all: ‘It’s 1989, where is your family going out to eat?’ Here’s what you said.

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