A local Sioux Falls resident has taken it upon herself to accept the 50-yard challenge.

The 50-yard challenge, now 700 strong across the US, was started by Rodney Smith Jr. who resides in  Alabama within his organization: Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

Smith Jr. states that the company was started to help motivate kids to help give back to their community. Through mowing lawns, kids have been able to help out local veterans, elderly individuals, disabled, and single mothers. The end goal of course is to mow 50 lawns within the child's community.

Isabella Boeve, who is pictured above, has mowed three lawns as of Monday, July 6, and says that she doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon according to Dakota News Now.

She went online to register and was later sent through the mail a pair of safety glasses, earplugs, and a t-shirt that she proudly wears when she is mowing lawns.

Boeve is currently the only girl who has taken on the 50-yard challenge within the state of South Dakota.

Out of the people who are undertaking the challenge, Isabella is the only girl.

Isabella Boeve says she is doing this because "she likes mowing lawns and it's fun to help people out and it feels good."

Keep up the good work Isabella!

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