It was very nice taking a long road trip to the Black Hills last week and the bill for all the gas we burned, even in our gas-guzzling SUV, wasn't the most oppressive cost of the trip; $12 margaritas were.

The price of gas in South Dakota, and around the country, is stagnant. The national average sits unchanged at $2.18 per gallon while in our state it is down only a penny to $2.14.

“This summer is no doubt the cheapest at the pump for motorists in more than a decade. The last two months have yielded a national average of $2.14,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson in a press release. “While we expect to see typical fluctuation, August gas prices are not expected to spike, especially amid increases in COVID-19 cases.”

The average price of gas in Sioux Falls is essentially the same as the rest of the state. The average price is $2.12 per gallon. That's a penny less than it was a week ago and a penny higher than one month ago. The average one year ago was $2.56.

While we were in the Black Hills, instead of getting the normal twenty questions from the gas pump I filled up at in Lead, I simply swiped the card, answered the one questions ("Would you like a printed receipt?") and then looked at the screen that simply said "Promotion Message." It was odd but kind of nice.

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