If you live in the southeastern and northeastern parts of Sioux Falls, you may have noticed a change recently? There's a lot less Bambi's roaming around.

50 deer were removed from those areas of the city by Sioux Falls Police as part of a recent deer management project.

The removal project was in effect from January 1 through March 13 (2017) in the southeastern and northeastern areas of Sioux Falls.

KDLT News is reporting that the city will continue to harvest deer as part of a long-term deer management plan that will be evaluated on a yearly basis according to city officials.

The city hopes to accomplish a couple of things with the deer management project. One, it will help deer herds stay healthier, by keeping the population lower and managing food supplies. Another benefit, the risk of deer and auto collisions will diminish by controlling the size of the herds in those areas.

Another big plus to the project, officials say more than 1500 lbs. of deer meat was harvested and donated to less fortunate people in the area through a partnership with sportsmen against hunger.

Source: KDLT News

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