This craft beer thing seems to be catching on, especially here in Sioux Falls.

This past weekend we attended a wedding. I was actually kinda roped in, but I heard that there might be beer so I was down for a try.

After the wedding our group got together and decided to head downtown. We started at Monk's House of Ale Repute where I started out with a Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. Then we started laughing and telling stories and things got interesting.

My next beer at Monk's was something watermeloney kind of summertime crazy good. I'm not sure if the beer was crazy good, or the Johnny Cash playing over the sound system just added to the day. It was fun. After a few more stories we decided it would be best to walk to our next stop.

Up next was a new place called Remedy Brewing Company. The beer I tried - something called Plumbers Crack - or something like that wasn't my favorite of the afternoon, but the cool loading dock deck out back and summertime vibe made for an enjoyable stop and put it on a list of places I'll try again.

We still had one more stop on our beer journey. We walked across the railroad tracks over to the Old Stockman's Bar to check out Fernson Brewing Company. It was there I ran into their Farmhouse Ale. It was also one of my favorites of the day too!

JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

Here's where I'm at with this craft beer thing. They're interesting. It's a different kind of beer drinking for me. Instead of grabbing a case on the way to the river, it's more of a 'stop out for one or two,' and then move on with your day. Maybe that's getting older. But I have to admit, it was fun. And I'll try it again. And a couple more new craft beers.

From the sounds of things, I still have to check out a few more places in town. Can't wait. Please share this with your beer loving friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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