The casual quick-service burrito rolling franchise Chipotle will be raising their wages to $15 an hour by the end of June according to CNBC News.

In conjunction with this hourly wage increase, Chipotle will also include a $200 hourly employee referral bonus and a $750 bonus for general managers.

This pay raise includes both currently employed Chipotle crew members and also newly hired employees as well, that's great news it sounds like for the Sioux Falls Chipotle crew!

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Chiptole CEO Brian Niccol talked with CNBC about the growth and opportunities the quick mex restaurant is experiencing right now:

“We are sharing with people that it’s not just a job right now, but it’s actually a job that can lead to a meaningful career,” Niccol said, as workers are being choosy with employment options and reassessing work post-pandemic.“I’m glad that we’re a company that’s got the growth, and frankly the strength, to increase wages and start talking more about how the job leads to your future growth with our company,” he said.

Niccol also mentioned that there are many different reasons as to why businesses could see an issue when it comes to hiring more employees.

But the company is also trying to get more creative to reach more individuals through different platforms for virtual career fairs such as Discord.

And Chipotle isn't the only company experiencing labor shortages but numerous other companies are too.

Papa John's, IHOP, McDonald's, and other restaurants are also facing a small labor pool.

Source: CNBC News

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