If you're a fan of this popular Tex-Mex joint, then of course you want free food from Chipotle! However, they aren't just going to hand you a burrito and chips. You have to earn it by playing a little game.

Chipotle locations across the country want to test the knowledge of its biggest fans. If you really know everything about Chipotle, then you'll easily get free food.

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Multiple news outlets including Fox 32 Chicago are reporting that Chipotle is launching a trivia game that gives customers a chance to win big. Each Chipotle fan will have the opportunity to win buy-one-get-one-free offers on food and even be entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card! Think about all the burritos you can enjoy!


The game is called Chipotle IQ. The game is a series of ten questions that "features multiple choice, true or false questions, and write-in answers about Chipotle's ingredients, food standards, preparation, culinary techniques, sustainability efforts, and community engagement." Every day this week, the Chipotle IQ test is available around 11 AM in the Sioux Empire. The first 100,000 Chipotle lovers who answer ten out of ten questions correctly win BOGO deals!

But wait...there's more! Chipotle gives each player an extra credit question. If you answer this question correctly, you're entered to win a $500 gift card. Chipotle is giving away 50 gift cards total.

The Chipotle IQ was first launched in August of 2020. It's been a huge success for the national chain since. To play this tasty game, click here.


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