Sioux Falls Police are searching for a driver who struck a bicyclist Monday night.

"We had a bicyclist that was leaving the Empire Mall lot near 43rd Street and Louise Avenue," according to Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"As he was waiting for traffic a car came up behind him and initially bumped the back of his bicycle. The bicyclist wasn't sure if that was intentional or an accident. He said the driver started yelling, got out of the car and confronted him. He wasn't sure why this guy was so upset. But, he made the bicyclist feel very uncomfortable. The bicyclist said he was going to call police and took a picture of the car. The man got back in the car and then drove forward and hit the bicyclist in the leg and also struck his bike. Then the driver took off in a different direction."

If you're in a similar situation, Clemens offers this advice.

"We're not really sure what set this driver off. Certainly not aggravating the situation is going to help. Telling the person you're going to call police and following through with that. Thankfully, the victim was able to get the license plate of the car. So hopefully we will be able to track down the driver."

Clemens says the 19-year-old bicyclist suffered minor injuries and did not have to be hospitalized.

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