Over the weekend the Best Western Ramkota became every geeks favorite place as over 1,500 fans of science fiction, comics, anime, gaming, and movies flooded the venue for the first ever SiouxperCon.

The non-profit event, whose proceeds benefit 'Reach Literacy' and the 'JY6 Foundation,' took place on April 16 and 17, 2016 and featured a gaming tournament, panels, vendor booths, and an artist's alley. Of course, the most popular feature was the Cosplay tournament, which featured fans of all ages dressing up as their favorite movie, comic book, video game or anime character.

The creators of SiouxperCon described it as a fan convention celebrating several mediums: including comic books, anime, board games, video games, science fiction, and fantasy. They wanted it to be a place to celebrate all nerdoms in a safe, educational, and inclusive environment.

And based on the huge numbers that turned out - they succeeded!

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