Because average winter temperature was not factored in, Sioux Falls landed on a list of the most livable mid-sized cities in the United States.

The largest city in the 605 came in at #15 of mid-sized cities over 100,000 people done by The ranking was based on things like the change in home value, housing costs, poverty rate, unemployment rate, and median income.

Sioux Falls scored well when it came to the cost of housing, the second-best of the top 25. But we didn't score so well when it came to median household income, coming in dead last at $56,000 per year. Our poverty rate was also the third-highest at 10.3%.

The economics help make our city livable but there are a few other things that make our city very livable. We have a pretty sweet bike trail. We have more parks than you could name. We have grass growing in some of our streets. We also have a parking ramp that will make for a great bunker if there is a zombie apocalypse, even if we can't park in it yet.

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