Going to Chicago to see Justin Timberlake marked my fourth time visiting the Windy City! I'm basically an expert!

This time I visited some places I had been before like Millennium Park, but I also tried some new things, like taking the 'L' train.

The 'L' stands for elevated. Parts of the train systems are underground like most other city's metros, but Chicago is famous for their elevated train line!

I felt like a real Chicagoan, especially since I've been watching a lot of ER lately.

Speaking of The 'L,' does anybody remember that movie, On the Line? It had Lance Bass and Joey Fatone from N Sync in it and it took place in Chicago. Lance's character meets a girl on The L and then puts an ad in the paper to find her. Anybody else remember that? Just me. Ok.

Moving on, Millennium Park is always a fun place to visit. There are cool art pieces there, most notably, 'The Bean.' The sculpture's real name is 'Cloud Gate,' but the nickname 'The Bean' has taken over because it does kind of look like a bean.

I would argue it is one of the most photographed places on the planet! It is great for a photo op.

MiIlennium Park, this time of year, also has an ice skating rink.

At Navy Pier, there was Harry Caray's bar and botanical gardens and the scary ferris wheel.

At the United Center there was a statue of Michael Jordan as well as the jerseys of all the retired Bulls players.

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