Mitchell Olson told me this morning about the Fool's 48 Film Festival. Vermillion has hosted this event for the last couple years and this year Mitchell decided to enter.

I shouldn't give Mitchell all the credit, he had a team which included his husband, Mark, who was the lead actor!

Each team drew a genre of movie. Then you had 48 hours to create a movie that was no shorter than four minutes, but no longer than 7 minutes. You also had to include a golf ball and the phrase "Give me Liberty or give me death."

Their team was tasked with making a science fiction movie.

Soiled is what his team came up with! See it below.

After the screenings of all the movies last night at the Coyote Twin in Vermillion, Soiled received third place!

Kudos! And great job, Mark! (Not only for the movie, but for putting up with Mitchell everyday.)

Unfortunately, this year's competition is over, but check out the website for updates on next year's event.



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