Social distancing and working from home has not stopped us from checking in with Mitchell Olson on Fridays.

This week's discussions ranged from TV we are watching including stuff about cults and murder. Ya know, the usual. We also discussed Emus, Mark's birthday, Skype subtitles, Mitchell cleaned his headboard, Mitchell's special bike that I'm going to try to ride, and of course, because our show always ends up in the toilet, bidets! We also discussed Mitchell cheating on us! He was on somebody else's podcast! Can you believe? How rude!

These videos also give you a little bit of a glimpse into what is like for us during contests and calls. It is very exciting! Not really, we just sit around in silence, but I promise we get right back into the craziness!

See our chats with our French fan Patrick here and our visit with Dave and Heather in Australia here. And don't forget No Hands Pants Mary here. 

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