Back in 2012 and 2013, a guy from France was living in Brookings working on the construction of a cheese plant near there. While he was there he started listening to a morning radio show in Sioux Falls. These two lunatics somehow became enough of an earworm for this guy, he started listening to them in the afternoons when he returned to Paris.

Patrick has been a Facebook friend of ours for the last five years. He first wrote in to tell us he was listening from Paris in 2015 with a very expensive text message. He switched to email, then eventually Facebook Messenger. Aside from a couple of times he sent us audio clips of French pronunciations, we had never spoken to him audibly. Since he's locked down in his apartment, and as bored as you can imagine with an incredibly strict lockdown in place, we decided it was time he was not busy enough with work that he could Skype in a 2:15 pm Paris time. It was a great conversation and a lot of fun. He'll be back on.

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