SPOILER ALERT: We will discuss the finale of Survivor and discuss the winner so if you haven't watched it yet, maybe don't read or watch the videos!

This was our last Friday where all three of us are working from home. Or, in Mitchell's case, his bed.

This was a big week for us. Survivor Winners at War had its season finale and we got the inside scoop from Mitchell. For those of you not in the know, Mitchell was on Season Two of Survivor. That season was in the Outback of Australia. Even though it's been a while since Mitchell was on Survivor he still knows a bunch of the other Survivor contestants and we get some of the dirt on everybody!

Personally, I always root for the underdog so I really wanted Michelle to win. Then, when Natalie got back in the game from the Edge of Extinction, I rooted for her too! Basically, anybody but Tony.

In the end, Tony did win. But, at least he does seem like a nice guy in real life and has nice teeth. So, there's that. It's not like Boston Rob won again, so I guess I'm OK with it.

We also discuss my hair, which is not red, and the ducks living in Mitchell's bushes.

Finally, if anybody important from CBS or Mark Burnett happens to see this, Mitchell said it was OK to post this. Sue him. Not me. K. Thanks.

FYI: I did not pick my nose!

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