Rock of Ages is celebrating their 10th Anniversary by touring the country!

This isn't the first time Rock of Ages has come to the Washington Pavilion, but it's so good and such a crowd pleaser, it could keep coming back.

People who don't really like theatre, think it's boring, or pretentious, would love Rock of Ages. However, it also has all the things regular theatre goers love too!

A fun story, a few laughs, great costumes, and an awesome soundtrack! .

Rock of Ages is what has come to be known as a Jukebox Musical. All the songs are covers. No originals. They weave these songs together to tell a story. As the name might suggest, the show is full of rock songs from the 80s. You know the whole soundtrack already. Everything from Journey to Damn Yankees to Whitesnake to Pat Benatar to Extreme to Poison. But, unlike the name suggests, there is no music from Def Leppard. (They couldn't get the rights.)

80s rock consisted of glam rock, power ballads, and a lot of hair! Sometimes people think these songs are cheesy, but you can't deny their staying power! Not to mention, a lot of them are actually very hard to sing, but this cast hits every note! During Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" the main character, Drew, gave me goosebumps. That note during the climax of the song, you know the one I'm talking about, he totally nails it! Amazing!

The story follows Drew and Sherry, two dreamers in LA trying to make it big! They both find themselves on the infamous Sunset Strip. Meanwhile, German developers threaten to tear down the iconic Sunset Strip. Plus, throw in a narcissistic, rock band frontman who just got kicked out of his band just to throw a wrench in things.

What will happen? Will Drew and Sherry get together? Will the Sunset Strip be safe? You'll have to see the show to find out.

Seriously, the whole show is one big rock concert complete with lights and fog machines!

My favorite character is Lonny. He plays the role of narrator, but he's also a character in the show. He helps weave the stories together and brings a lot of laughs. He also breaks the 4th wall quite a bit.

This is also one of those shows that you don't need to feel bad for singing along or laughing too loud or letting out a 'Woo'! It is encouraged!

Oh, and did I mention there is a live rock band on stage!

One more thing, the show does have some foul language and some provocative scenes. They recommend the show for ages 13 and up.

Rock of Ages has two more shows at The Washington Pavilion.

Tickets are available here. 

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