The original incident involved an item swiped from the Walmart on 60th Street North just before 11:00 PM on Thursday evening. Phase two led to a much larger discovery by Sioux Falls Police.

Lt. Randy Brink who is part of the Sioux Falls Police narcotics unit says the initial report described an aggressive incident as the suspect was leaving the store.

“An employee could see that the subject had a box that wasn’t in a bag. As the subject got closer it (was apparent) that the security webbing was still on the box and the employee believed it to be stolen. The subject pushed the lady that was at the front door. She hit her head and received minor injuries.”

A second employee was also shoved before the subject fled. Witnesses supplied good information that helped police track down the getaway vehicle which was found near 60th Street North and Granite Lane. Three people were in the car and during a search, officers found narcotics on one of the suspects. Brink says that triggered a call for a K-9 unit that detected more drugs.

“Inside the car officers located a bag and what appeared to be a present. We opened up that Christmas present and inside was five baggies that contained what appeared to be methamphetamine.”

The total amount of meth seized equaled about six pounds which has a minimum street value of $25,000 and is a significant bust.

The three people in the car were arrested including 31-year old Joshua Kudlock of Rapid City who was identified as the one who took the item from Walmart. He is charged with strong-armed robbery, possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. Also taken into custody were 32-year old Serena Rodriguez and 30-year old David Pauly, both of Rapid City on the charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to distribute.


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