Concern about drug abuse in the Sioux Falls area has prompted a seminar on Wednesday titled "Opioid Epidemic: A Wicked Problem of the Worst Kind" that will be held in the city.

Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says several drugs are being abused in the city.

"The three biggest drug issues we have is marijuana and meth. Those far outweigh anything else. Right behind these drugs are prescription pills," explained Clemens.

"We see a lot of the abuse of these medications. People are stealing them and people are using them. The opioid addiction is the driving force behind the prescription pills that are being used and abused."

Clemens says a powerful drug is gaining momentum.

"We do see some heroin in the area. It's really not any great significant amount as of yet. But it's just like anything else around the country that seems to be the trend. It's just a matter of being prepared and staying ahead of the curb in Sioux Falls."

Clemens says people of all ages are involved in the use and abuse of drugs in Sioux Falls.

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