Don't think for one minute that your neighborhood is drug free. Sioux Falls has seen more drug use in the last year than ever before.

According to a report from KSFY TV Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says of the 40 known drug overdoses in our community this year 16 of them ended in death.

Record amounts of dangerous drugs are off the street thanks to the Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force. Now law enforcement is working towards finding treatment options for those who are addicted.

KSFY learned from Sioux Falls Police Chief Mike Burns that more than $161,000 has been seized in drug arrests. That money will be used to support the future of the drug task force.

This record breaking year for confiscated drugs in Sioux Falls shows the need for the community triage center county and city officials have talked about to help addicts recover and move forward with their lives.

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