Recently, I took a road trip south to Vermillion, SD to Valiant Vineyards. My sister was here visiting from North Carolina so we thought it would be fun to do some wine taste testing.

I love wine taste testing, I only started drinking wine a few years ago, and I admit I don't know a lot about it other than the kinds of wines I like. This is such a fun oppurtinutiy to try out new kinds. Plus the fact that it is made in South Dakota.

Some fun facts about the wines at Valiant Vineyards. They make the official wine for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, they were the first winery opened in South Dakota, they make all their wines in Vermillion. The wines are named after something in South Dakota.

I can't wait to take a weekend and go stay at the Bed and Breakfast there and sip on wine all weekend! Cheers!

Here's a virtual tour of the Winery: