What would it mean for South Dakota to have a sitting cabinet member under the Trump administration?

Guess we won't know anytime soon.

U.S. House of Representatives Kristi Noem of South Dakota has issued a statement that is contrary to a New York Times statement, declining the offer of Secretary of Agriculture.

A spokesperson for Noem says the tweet is quote "inaccurate" and that she will not be traveling to New York.

Noem released a statement saying. . .

“It’s an honor to be considered by President-elect Trump to join his administration. The opportunities we have to invoke genuine change under the next administration are incredible, but to realize them fully, we must have strong leaders who understand agriculture and life in rural communities throughout each branch of government.

I’m convinced the best way for me to help President Trump succeed while also producing the greatest impact for South Dakota is to serve out my two-year term in the House of Representatives."

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