Kayaking is fun. I love to do it but I'm not hardcore about it. I have thought of buying my own on numerous occasions but have never done it. And for good reason.

The first reason is that despite owning a truck, the prospect of hauling a kayak around seems daunting. I have a hardcover that I don't ever want to take off and my tailgate won't drop. (It's a beater.) The other reason is that I don't really have a good place to store a kayak. They aren't small, collapsible, or come apart. It's one big long thing that I would.

So when I heard about a Sioux Falls business from which you can not only rent a kayak, but they will bring it to your put-in point and get it from you at the take out, I was sold before I knew what its name was.

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For only $55 ($45 right now, they are running a special), King Rentals will drop off a kayak at one of their designated paddling locations. You can stick to Sioux Falls or venture over to Brandon. You'll get the kayak for five hours and at the end of your time, they will meet you at the landing spot and haul the kayak away for you.

Another option is to go kayaking on one of the lakes in and around Sioux Falls like Lake Alvin, Covell Lake, Wall Lake, or Family Pond Park.

If you really want to haul it yourself and save some money or take it elsewhere on the Big Sioux River, you can pay less and do that.

It's warming up this weekend. Might be a good time to give King Rentals a call or hit up their website KingsRecRentals.com.

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