I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of the cheap ramen you can buy in the grocery story. However, the new Ramen Fuji restaurant opening this weekend looks delicious.

Sioux Falls has tons of restaurants, catering to almost every craving. How did we not have a ramen restaurant until now? There are already sushi, hibachi, and pho restaurants. A ramen restaurant really was inevitable.

Ramen Fuji will specialize in Japanese ramen, which is all about the broth. The broth in Japanese ramen is made by boiling pork bones for 10 hours. Of course, Ramen Fuji will put its own spin on the traditional food. The menu will offer donburi or rice topped with meat and fresh veggies. There will also be a Japanese-style curry and stir-fried ramen. All in all there will be 15 different topping choices so you can have your ramen just how you like it! All these options means you'll have to keep going back to try them all!

Ramen Fuji is located at 2300 S. Minnesota Ave. next to the combination Einstein Bagels and Caribou Coffee.

They will be open for business Sunday, October 21st!

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