It seems like every year it rains around Memorial Day. There really is something about Mother Nature and how she knows.

Mother Nature knows that people are trying to have graduation parties. People are getting ready to get out and do a little yard work. They're wanting to go camping and spend time with family and friends outdoors and yet, here she comes every year at about the same time with rain.

This morning while I was out for a quick rainy walk with Molly the Black Lab I snapped a few waterlogged shots with the Samsung Galaxy S7 I use courtesy of Sprint Sioux Falls.

If you grew up in agriculture you welcome this time of year. Chances are you already have the bulk of your planting done (hopefully) and now you just wait. Wait for the rains to come. Alfalfa is waiting patiently to be cut. The hay growing in pastures is a welcome sight to cattlemen.

In town, we wait. The lilac bushes are ready to show their colors. The rain, will green things up. And we'll keep our graduation parties inside garages and houses till the weather warms back up.

How about you. What are you up to this weekend?

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