How to Donate to South Dakota Flood Victims

The waters may be receding, but they have left destruction behind. The recent heavy rains and flooding across the Sioux Empire and into Iowa and Minnesota have negatively impacted many in our communities.

If you are looking for a way to help people affected by the June floods, the folks at GoFundMe made a central place online to donate directly to people.

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Find GoFundMes for Iowa Flood Victims

"The GoFundMe community is showing their support for people and communities across the Midwest who are impacted by flooding. Donate to verified flood relief fundraisers today to help those in need recover. This page will be continuously updated with verified fundraisers." - GoFundMe

Several families from South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota are on the list, and they all need a helping hand. Many have lost their homes and everything inside. Pick one (or two!) and donate some much-needed cash.

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