I've always been a big fan of swear words and now I have some studies to show people who prefer a cleaner conversation.

There was more than one occasion my mom had to threaten to wash my mouth out with soap if I couldn't clean up my language.

After reading some new findings I might have to show my mom I was just trying to show how intelligent I was.

From a story in Optimal Positivity: "We tend to distance ourselves from people that swear as we believe that they simply lack the language skills to express themselves in a politer way or have a limited way of thinking. According to Kristin Joy and Timothy Jay, psychologists, it’s completely the other way around and they’ve done a study to back this up. According to their findings, the required skills to make up new swear words is linked to high fluency and language skills. Individuals with high IQ scores are both fluent and have a more versatile vocabulary, which means they’re prone to creating new profanities."

I'm sure my mom wouldn't agree with the study but it does also go on to say people who swear often are also found to be honest.

To read the entire Optimal Positivity click here.

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