As South Dakota prepares for a visit from President Obama in a week's time, the organization Dakota Rural Action is planning to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline at the intersection of South Minnesota Avenue and 11 Street in Downtown Sioux Falls on Friday May 1, 2015 at 3:30pm

Tony Helland, spokesperson for the group says the timing is good for the event as more people are looking at South Dakota with the upcoming Presidential visit.  They plan to stay peacefully on the sidewalk and display their signs.

Dakota Rural action is not one of the 40 entities in the legal battle to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline but intends to spread the word of their concerns for what they see as overinflated income estimates to the state of South Dakota, the potential risks to the environment, and the treaties they say violate agreements between the government and the Native American community.

Helland says the gathering is assumed to be of local individuals and all laws will be obeyed.


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