When you pull the cork you can keep your money right here in South Dakota by supporting our local wineries. One of which just scored high marks at a national competition. Congratulations Prairie Berry Winery!

According to the story Jeff Harkness recently posted we (South Dakota) are near the bottom of the list when it comes to wine consumption. Come on people lift a glass!

The rejoins most award-winning winery took home a Jefferson Cup, the Sweepstakes Award for their Calamity Jane wine, at the Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition on November 16 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Called the “Olympics” of wine competitions the Jefferson Cup Invitational is not open to every winery willing to submit an entrance fee. Rather they select the best of the best, culled from tastings and competitions in America throughout 2018. In its nineteenth year, The Jefferson Cup pre-selected seven hundred and forty wines to compete from twenty-four states.

Other award-winning wines from Prairie Berry Winery included Lawrence Elk, Wild Bill, Crab Apple, Peach Mead, Anna Pesä Blaufränkisch 2016, Anna Pesä Louka 2017, and Gold Digger.

Prairie Berry Winery has earned over 1,000 international awards since it began entering competitions in 2001.

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