We are fortunate that right here in Sioux Falls we have a Prairie Berry Winery and Miner Brewery tasting room, but I've always wanted to go to the original. To be in the place where the magic is made!

I finally got the chance to go to the mother ship Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, SD. We scheduled a wine tasting ahead of time and Jerry was our 'tour guide' of wine. We each got to pick six wines from the list and he proceeded to give us our samples and tell us about how the wine was made as well as a few stories about how the wines got their names.

Now, I know Prairie Berry Winery is known for its Red Ass Rhubarb wine, but get ready for my unpopular opinion. It is not my favorite. I found that I really liked the Deadwood wine the best. Truth be told, I had tried a few of these previously at the Sioux Falls location, but I don't think I ever gave Deadwood a try. It's my new go-to.

Also, after actually being all throughout the Black Hills prior to our tasting, the names of the various wines make way more sense now.

On top of our six tastings, we got to try their wine slushie and because it was National Mead Month (Mead is basically a honey-based wine) we got to try their Peach Mead. It legit tasted like an orange cream saver. Do you remember those candies? So good. I may have bought a bottle.

Prairie Berry Winery's head winemaker and all-around badass is Sandi Vojta. She is one of the only female wine and beer makers in the area and she has gone on to win many awards and accolades. Not to mention, business is booming.

If you're curious where the name Prairie Berry comes from, well, Sandi is actually a fifth-generation wine and beer maker. Her grandmother was from Moravia, or what is now the Czech Republic, and she called all the local fruits 'prairie berries'. Love that.

Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City

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